Year 2 Book Club

In Term 3 a group of very enthusiastic Year 2 girls were chosen to be part of a special trial of ‘Year 2 Book Club’. The girls involved, all avid readers, enjoyed meeting together each Thursday lunchtime to discuss a number of books and share their love of reading.

The girls began the Book Club all reading Dick King Smith’s Babe - The Gallant Pig, a story they connected to after reading Charlotte’s Web in class. After this, the girls picked their own titles to share and recommend to the Club. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to broaden their literary knowledge and find new books to read, based on peer suggestions. 

The Year 2 Book Club was so enjoyable, that we have decided to extend the opportunity to anyone in Year 2 who is interested.   

The Year 2 Book Club will run Thursday lunchtimes in the Library during Term 4.  

Below, some of the girls who participated last term comment on Year 2 Book Club:  

‘Book Club is fun because we get to read lots of books’ - Madeleine K.  

‘Book Club is fun and exciting if you love to read. Last term we started with the book Babe which is about a pig and people call him a Sheep Pig’ - Maeve H. And Grace C.  

Book Club is fun because we get to read fun books and talk about them together’ - Lily Y. 
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