Reading Matters Conference ( Yr 7)

"Dreams are engines" were one of the many quotes said today at the famous 'Reading matters' conference the lit club members attended. Held at the state library, the journey was a long one starting from Glenferrie station and arriving at Melbourne Central. We heard many inspiring authors and illustrators speak, including: Sally Gardner, Sara Farizan, Will Kostakis and Abe Nouk. Many of these authors experienced tough hardships that led them to becoming the influential and aspirational people they are today. From arriving in a foreign country as a refugee and having been diagnosed with dyslexia, these people showed us that there is always hope to become the person you want to be and achieving your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem to be. "Dreams are engines", they are vehicles that will forever be on the long and dangerous road to success.

Year 7s; Susan F, Maddy T, Tara Z, Angela Y, Vanessa L and Veronica P-T 
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