Melbourne Writer Festival 2016

On Monday 29 August, we were part of a group of Lit Club students who attended the Melbourne Writer Festival. We were very fortunate to hear Melina Marchetta (author of 'Looking for Alibrandi') and Alice Pung (author of 'Laurinda') speak about where they got inspiration for their books and their personal experiences, particularly in relation to the challenges that they faced being multicultural Australians.   

We also attended a presentation by David Levithan. He is the author of many incredible novels, including 'Everyday', 'Boy meets Boy' and 'Invisibility'.  He often writes about issues related to the LGBTI community and his own experiences with identity. David gave us some tips for writing our own stories as well as some important insights into identity and acceptance.   

The final author was Rainbow Rowell, author of novels such as 'Fangirl' and 'Eleanor & Park'. Rainbow told the audience of how, as a child, she had been poor and could only buy books from thrift shops. She spoke about the books she loved as a child including 'Watership Down' and 'Little Men.' She mentioned how she took aspects of people around her to form her characters and how she also injected little bits of herself into each character. She explained how she had become involved in fan fiction after the Harry Potter series had concluded. From that point, she read more and more, delving into other fandoms and eventually this resulted in her writing her novel, Fangirl. When asked why she wrote books, she answered quite simply that she did so because she was good at it. 

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