Girls Write Up 2017

On Thursday 15 June, 20 girls from Year 7 set off into the city to attend the Girls Write Up festival in Melbourne. Once there, the girls first listened to guest speaker Winnie Dunn, who spoke about what it was like to be a young female immigrant growing up in Sydney. After listening to Winnie Dunn and taking away some valuable information, everyone split up into groups for their chosen workshops. The workshops were run by incredible women, teaching either Slam Poetry, Writing from Art or Scriptwriting.    

Soreti Kadir ran the Slam Poetry session. The workshop was opened with the quote ‘Writing for rioting, writing for righting, writing for writing’. The girls in the slam poetry workshop were then given the chance to watch a performance by Soreti, which really gave them an insight to how powerful and strong slam poetry can be. The best part of the session was probably when everyone got to see fellow students perform their pieces of writing. From Ruyton, Philippa was one of those who performed in front of the group during the Slam Poetry panel. The whole experience of the workshop and Soreti’s wonderful help was very moving and inspiring.     

Ingrid Wood ran the Writing from Art session. Girls were taken to the gallery to certain paintings and images and were told to write a description and a chapter name about a group of four images. The best part of the session was when the group was taken to a painting and were told to write a description of it. Some of the descriptions that were written were really beautiful and described the painting shown extremely well. The experience that the girls had, during the workshop, was very interesting and enjoyable and everyone learnt a lot from i

The scriptwriting workshop was run by Katy Warner, Katy studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, receiving a Master of Writing for Performance in 2012 and her plays have been presented in New York, Edinburgh and across Australia. At the start of the workshop, each girl introduced themselves and shared their experience in scriptwriting. Girls were then given sheets of paper with a stimulus and were told to write a scene in three minutes. Surprisingly, they found that in three minutes you could develop great ideas and create something quite good. Throughout the session, Katy shared with the group many tips about scriptwriting and character development and all girls came away with their minds bursting full of ideas. From the experience, the group learnt about play ideas, converting ideas into a script, theatre, the bigger picture and so much more.     

Philippa's poem: 

Life is a box of time.  

Tick tock up the antique clock,  

Time waits many dates to finally stop your clock, 

To fly, to swim to stop. tick tock stop the clock   

Article authors; Juliette, Mia and Talia (Year 7) 
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