“Fault in our stars” by John Green – what to read next

The 2012 teen romance novel “Fault in our stars” by John Green has proved to be extraordinarily popular. In fact, Green has sold more than 10.7 million copies of his book worldwide and it has been translated into 47 different languages.  The release of the much-anticipated movie has increased interest in what was already a very popular novel.   This engaging story takes its title from the lines in the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings." This love story between two young cancer patients has caused the rise of a new genre of in Young Adult (YA) literature called “sick lit”. 

Do I love this book as an adult reader? Probably not, however teen readers do have a very strong connection with this text.  In light of this, I have attached a list of YA novels that address similar themes. This list has been created for mature teenage readers and will provide a great place to share a reading experience with your daughter and perhaps discuss some of the issues surrounding “coming of age” in modern society.  Issues addressed in some of these books may be confronting, but it is worth remembering that fiction is the safest of places to work through challenging ideas. Click here for an extension reading list

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